Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Perak day 3(LAST POST)/Japanese with the lovebirds

Eeee! I hate everyone for making me update. but I promised everyone already.. I just got home tau, have to upload all 849 peektures into my comp, scan trough all pictures, multitask a bit, and here I am now! Blogging for the sake of u all T_T

Ok so day 3 started off with normal wake up, brush teeth, shower and eat routine.

And todaaaaay, we're going to the beach! PHINALLY. After days of anticipating. He he he.


Arrived at Seafood Villa at noon. The first time I went there to eat was a few years ago. They have the awesomest lalas ever! The seafood I mean, DUHHHHHHH ten times.

Pupu's eyes looks nice :D

Everyone wanted a photo. This is mai uncle and auntie. THe one staying in Perak. :D

Mommy n Daddy <3! Na na na. You can see my another pair of auntie and uncle there <3 We ate seafood, and to be honest la it isn't the best I've tasted. The crabs and the prawns. :(
Denise and MJ. Look at them! Such gluttons.

Pooopooo and I :D


After lunch, we got back home and just lepaked around for a bit. I sempat to webcam with someone *winkwink and then rushed to the beach. It's some beach which we've been going to for the past few years. It isn't the cleanest, the nicest or the bluest beach, but I guess it's okay la. But the weather was H.O.T T_T I think I nearly burned my skin /exaggerate

After we got down the car, this is what we saw. Everyone holding hands together. awwwww. Isn't that cute.

I can do it too! :D

It's a holiday. X mas pun kan. I'm sure it wudn't take you that long to realize that the beach is packed with people.

Oh yeaaaa, while sitting down just relaxing and palying with sand (more like epicly phailed exfoliating my skin ahem ahem), theres this bunch of indian dudes who were playing football. By the beach. Which was packed with people. And the best thing was, they were playing football BEHIND us.

I don't know whether they kocked their brains out or something, but YES. The ball hit us. It hit me to be exact. I literally shouted some swear words at them and gave them the look. Then they stopped playing. -_-

Something a MUST do when you're beaching. Make boobs out of sand. Just to make things clear, I DID not do that. Although I tried, but I failed. T_T


Oh. Hee hee. Poopoo and I again. :)


Soon, we left the beach and wandered around. There were stalls, you know, like selling souvenirs and stuff. I wanted to buy some for my ahem loved ones back in KL. But there's like, NOTHING to look/buy at. Everything is just.. horrendous. LOL. But, we did found a shop which was different than the rest.

we spent nearly and hour there, and everyone (as in families) wanted to leave Teluk Batik already.

We told them to hold on for a while for us.

I guess they got a leeeeeeetle pissed because we were a leeeeeeeeeeeeeetle late, and they decided to just DROVE OFF.

So yeah, we were thinking of walking back home all the way from Teluk Batik to Tmn Samudera, Sitiawan. Which was BTW, NOT NEAR AT ALL.

But you see.. The both of us, ahem ahem we were smart la. We saw a resort opposite the beach, and we decided hey, you know, I'm sure they know a few cab numbers so why not just ask.

Sososososo, we ditched Denise at the roadside and we just left her there for 5 minutes.

We got the cab number, and 15 minutes later, he sampai dy.

Not as fast as KL cabs, but... Whattodo. At least we got one!

And we reached home safe. But the best part was, everyone was like 3 minutes drive away from the beach, nicely eating western food! So much for the cab. -_- and it costs us RM20!!!!!!!!!
With NO METER. Can u say WTF?! If liddat hor, I can go home straight from Pavilion to my place. For 20 bucks!!!!!!

Since nobody was home, we decided to "lepak" in 7-Eleven. Which was the saddest thing to do. And weird too!

I think it's us, having something to do with travelling. Something NOT good. Remember Melaka? Yeah. We got stopped for not bringing IC. And Perak? We got lefted by our families for being late.


But overall it was fun la.


I have nothing much to blog about day 4, because I didn't take much photos /lazy

And Denise sort of blogged my hasil gambar after I just told her NOT TO because I wanted to blog about them first. She should at least credit me for those cute photos right?!!? I didn't even get a single thing -.-

Well, biasa la. She blogged about it way faster than I did and I literally feel like smacking her now. Pfft.

So, here goes.

See, i told her to hold Momo's cover and smile. She gave me this. Isn't she cuteeeeeeeeeeeee?!
Among all of my little cousins, Leanne and Nick are my favs /bias

yes and I shall reaffirm the fact that Denise stole my pictureeeee T_T boohoooo


Ok so on Sunday, which was *sort of* two days ago, I had someone over *cough* Nick Lim *cough* and he is just.. awesomeeee :)

Ok I tell you more about him next time *grin

Ok sososososo he had lunch here, and after that we just talk talk talk until my mouth also tired ady and I can fall asleep on my bed. LOL

Soon, Afiq came over and ajaked us out for a movie (and dinner). But boooo. Too bad, Nick has din din with his family, so he couldn't join us :(

But it's okay. Last minute pun Afiq bailed on us. Tak jadi watch movie, so instead we went to dinner! Sakae Sushi <3 their wasabi made me teared up for the FIRST time everrr!

Pictures pictures!

*tongue out* Photo by Afiq!

*ok don't dare to post Nick Lim's photo because he told me not to boohooo and I have to ask permission first T____T wuuuuu*

And the nonsense picture u took in my room ah I dunno which to upload because all look the same T_T if I upload all I die. LOL Soweeeee :(

Okay moving on, DINNER!

Sakae rememberrr. Hahahaha.

 No caption. LOL

Err? Chopsticks? Ok la. It won;t be fair for the two lovebirds if I only paste my picture all over kan. Padahal afiq drove usssss. hehe Ok la nah give you two pics of them you can see until eye bengkak

The two most important people in my life <3 (besides family la, but they ARE family also, counted lahhh)
First priority OK bangga or not /sayang hehehe

Na na na. Why they stand so far apart horrrrrr? *stare
Someone taught me this effect one wor. *wink @ Nick Lim

Ok 6am deeeee. I is wan to sleep.

Stay tuned for Titanic post (upon request by you know who *cough Nick Lim *cough* hehehehe

Nanai everyone! :)

(homg 6.30 ady T_T)

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