Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Titanic is stupid = Titanic / Chinoz and Sakae

Oh hai. I'm suppose to be dead asleep now but you see. I'm so dedicated to blogging, I actually use my sleeping time to blog okay *wipes tears

Ok maybe my title a little bit harsh. But this is all scam tactics to fish for comments and readers kay!! *kidding.

Ok no, I am writing this post upon request by ahem ahem SOMEone because he.. he told me to do so! I think I shud be getting paid for this! *winkwink

But nasib baik sayang la. :P I give free. =D

Anyway, why the movie Titanic is so stupid hor?

To be very very frank la, I haven't even watched the movie yet! All I knew is, it's about a tragic story which happened in 1912, where a hugeass ship sank because it hit an iceberg (or something), lotsa people died, there's some lovey dovey thing happened, THE END. and voila! The real life tragic ship which sank made it to Hollywood! Oh oh they even won the Oscar's okay! Don't play play.

But moving on..

The ONLY part of the movie that I watched was when the couples were already in the water, and the girl froze to death ( ok she did not. dun blame me if I salah. I din even watch the movie T.T) while there were rescue boats or something came to fetch for more survivors. Then I changed channel. And when I switched it back, the old woman threw a necklace into the ocean and THE END!

So yea. Few days ago, (I was suppose to write this post a long time ago), Titanic was on Astro, and Nick's sister was watching it and saying how sad it was /boo

Firstly.. Let's start with Titanic is FILLED with Stupidity. No wait, Titanic IS stupidity.

(But who am I to say. I haven't watched the movie in FULL also. wakaka. ok so I am posting this on BEHALF of cough Nick Lim :D)

Ok I am pasting the original words which came from him. A And it is VERY summarized. LOL

bodoh guy go suicide then the girl like dream about him until old poh poh go visit the site where he kill himself then return him the necklace he gave to her then some idiots got bored backside itchy and nothing to do go tokok tambah a bit find some interesting story to write then make movie then make money then make love then make babies then make family then after that spend money then go die then new generation of idiots arise and the whole cycle repeats itself.

NO PUNCTUATIONS! LOL I added the fullstop after the word 'itself
one oso ok! =D


Okay, today, I slept at 7.30 am. Then woke up at 11am due to my mom banging on my door forcing me to get up. I had to go to school to settle my transfer and stuff.

I didn't had enough sleep (duh), and I nearly slept in the restaurant while waiting for my meal to arrive. My mom yelled WOI! at me and asked me whats wrong. I told her I slept waaay too 'early', she called me crazy and lifeless. 

But anyways, I was planning to KO on the bed once I got home from school. instead!! That Denise and Afiq called me out to KLCC. Initially I hesitated. But.. Why not! He he he.

Oh yessss. We ate Japanese again!!

Denise insisted she didn't want Japanese but Afiq and I just ignored her and high five each other.

 Chinoz On The Park.
On the table we have two shots of Vodka, two Lime juice and two Orange juice.

The bill. Thanks Afiq! ♥

Oh oh. Afiq ordered two rounds of Spaghetti Carbonara. Animalllll! I ordered Pappardelle Meatball which tasted awesome too! Except.. I don't eat Cherry Tomatoes. Or any sort of tomatoes besides the ketchup.
I shall go there again to eattttt :D

Hi everibodi. Meet Jia Hue.
He's a Malaysian, but currently studying in Scotland. So, yes. He mostly spend the years in Scotland.
Honestly, I could barely understood what he said. He has this thick Scottie accent which made me thought he sounded drunk. =( but he's a cool person you know =D

Chinoz's bar! I think it's a bar. I love the colour of the bottles. And the dude at the side just HAD to ruin my photo! :(

KLCC's XMAS deco! I loveeee the llights.

Went Sakae after our movie. 

 Awwwww.. Aren't they just cute. :D

Me! :D

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